Law of Attraction: optimism or an enemy of reason?

2 years ago I watched this movies ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne and totally fell for the ‘law of attraction’.The beauty with which the law of attraction was described in the movie was alluring.Inspired by the movie,I went on to read ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power’ books as well.Back then,it was such a relief to believe that life was supposed to be without struggles.I began to think with this ‘secret’ I was going to change my life.There was nothing difficult  in achieving your goals or getting the things you desire.All you had to do was to consider the ‘universe’ as a genie and follow three simple steps:-




First I tried to attract some things,it did not work out.Then I thought they might be  impossible to achieve.Then I tried attracting smaller things but it still did not work out all the time.Eventually I realized that I had fallen into the charming trap of this feel-good concept.

To make myself clear in the first place,I don’t have any problem with positive thinking and optimism.Positive thinking is like a fuel for life.Although it is impossible to achieve anything without action,positive thinking helps building the mental strength required to take that action.But I do object to the  irrational pseudo-scientific claims made in this movie w.r.t the law of attraction.

The First and foremost problem that I have with Ms Byrne is that she claims the ‘law of attraction’ to be a scientific law like law of gravity.To prove her point, she even featured some scientists and physicists in the documentary who associated the ‘law of attraction’ and human mind with quantum physics.It is ok thing to have a belief of this sort but claiming it as a science is like making  a mockery of reason.This belief is entirely based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.The idea that is based on no evidence.

The second problem that I have is this movie emphasizes on victim -blaming.It goes on to say’we attract our circumstances’.It feels absurd to hear Joe Vitale asserting that even if a person meets with an accident ,it is he who attracted it by his thoughts consciously or unconsciously(but how ,is never explained).Can he also explain about the fate of Tsunami Victims who were parting on the beach that night?Can the speakers also explain the condition of thousands of people dying out of hunger in Somalia using this logic?

Ms. Byrne says in the book that Law of Attraction works every single time without exceptions.If it does not work then the person is failing somewhere.He is not giving enough love to what it wants or he is lacking faith.So it all boils down to the person.She has very cleverly put the whole responsibility of success or failure of the ‘law’ on the user.So whether the LOA works for you or not its your fault.

And you are not allowed to ‘reason out’ as to how  things will fall into place.If you are applying any logic you are not trusting ‘law of attraction’  and not giving enough love.Consequently things will not turn out the way you want them to be.So you are the ultimate defaulter.

Last year I joined a facebook group dedicated to ‘the law of attraction’.I was really startled to find so many people blindly believing in this concept.Everybody would suggest the process of visualization as a solution to a problem that could be tackled by taking a simple action.It was then I realized that is so-called optimism was actually making people irrational and lame.

I am not against positive thinking or self-help but  it is not wise to resort to  delusions in the name of optimism.


3 responses to “Law of Attraction: optimism or an enemy of reason?

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  2. Dear Swati,
    Readers of books like “The Secret” are usually quite mature people but many of them can’t understand the failures in their life and do not have the emotional stability to accept the reality So when hazy , simplistic solutions are offered to them like by this book or Paul Coelho or Om Shanti Om (picture abhi baaki h…..oops) they like to indulge in the comforting thoughts It makes life easy for them

    • Hi Confused Seeker(you name is interesting),thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.yes it is right that many people are unable to accept failure in life…that is why they like to indulge in these comforting thoughts…..But I still don’t have as much problem with Paulo Coelho as I have with Rhonda Byrne…Paulo Coelho is a philosopher and presents the ‘caring universe’ as philosophy…but Rhonda Byrne claims it to be a science…how on this earth can it be a science when it lacks evidence…

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