India’s aversion to Homosexuality:Are we still living in the past or actually overlooking our past ?

The recent judgment meted out by Supreme Court on IPC 377 has invited huge criticism and protest all over the country.I am glad to see that the liberal-minded section of India protesting against such a regressive decision.But sadly ,this is not the case with a large homophobic section(including the so called educated class) of the country .A BJP leader recently agreed with the SC judgment saying homosexuality is against Indian Culture.Most Indians think homosexuality is a trend that we have acquired from west and it is an unnatural phenomenon which is degrading our culture.

Do these people even know about the culture of ancient India?Indians boast of the Vedas but have they ever bothered to go through Kamasutra that was composed between 400 BCE and 200 CE? Kamasutra has  entire chapters dedicated to homosexual practices of both male(Purushahitya) and female(life of women in harems).

Khajuraho temples that were built between 950 and 1150 have many carvings of sexual nature.Among those carvings there are also the ones that depict homosexual practices.

women seeking pleasure from each other                   

So it is very wrong for  the Bhartiya Sansriti Rakshaks(a term used for people with regressive thinking) to say homosexuality is against Indian Culture.There was indeed a time when homosexuality was recognized as something natural.So it is not something that is a modern trend.It has been there in the world since beginning.

I don’t understand why people call it unnatural.Anything that exists in nature is natural.Homosexuality could be a rarity but definitely not an abnormality.Moreover,homosexual practices do not harm anybody.The ancient Indians knew this.Although marriages used to be heterosexual ,homosexuality was not seen with disdain.

Sexuality is fluid.It is not unnatural to feel sexual attraction towards the person of your own gender.In fact anybody can have homoerotic encounter even the heterosexual ones.However homoeroticism differs from homosexuality as it refers specifically to the desire itself, which can be temporary, whereas “homosexuality” implies a more permanent state of identity or sexual orientation.

Sex is an act of experiencing pleasure.How a person derives that pleasure is nobody’s business unless he or she is hurting others.So why should people or government be bothered about what two consenting adults do in their bedroom?

Religious bigots consider homosexuality to be a perversion of mind.If that would have been the case then the homosexuals all over the world would not be fighting for their rights to marry.They would not have a  desire to start a family.Homosexuality is more than just a desire to have sex.Homosexual relationships can have depth like heterosexual ones.Ritu Parno Ghosh made a  beautiful film  Arekti Premer Golpo   which is  based on the depth involved in homosexual relationships.

Many people disapprove of homosexuality as they think it to be an acquired behavior and that legalizing it would turn more people into gay.If a person acquires sexual orientation from his environment, then how  a person living in a  heterosexual community discovers that he is actually homosexual.Why couldn’t he absorb heterosexuality?

Homophobia is a powerful tool that patriarchy uses against the liberation of women. Patriarchy views marriage as a legal contract between a man and a woman where the man is supposed to be the bread-winner of the house and the woman is expected to bear offspring and take care of the household duties.Homosexual relationships challenge such gender roles which shakes the very basic foundation of patriarchy.How can patriarchy keep quiet and watch itself going out of power?

Criminalization of the homosexuality is snatching from a sexual minority their ‘right to love’.It is a human right violation.

It is time to re-educated people on Indian History.All the myths related to homosexuality need to be busted.Then only we can call ourselves a progressive society.

The pic that I have borrowed from one of the facebook pages gives out a beautiful message w.r.t gender identity and sexual orientation.

Love matters not Gender



4 responses to “India’s aversion to Homosexuality:Are we still living in the past or actually overlooking our past ?

  1. Good observation..There ought to be some independent debate on the need for Court to interfere in social/private affairs of people.To term homosexuality as criminal is definitely stretching things a bit too far.
    Though I am not sure of the defense that “it used to happen in India in the past too”. As in the past sharing one wife among five brothers was also allowed by the scriptures. So any such debate should start on an independent level rather than referring to the past as the times n preferences of people have changed over time.

    • Thanks for your valuable comment…you are correct every debate should start on an independent level…actually I am not defending homosexuality using ‘it used to happen in India’ argument.

      I just wanted to clarify that those who consider homosexuality as an import from west are actually overlooking the culture of ancient India….Indian Culture is the first thing that most of the Indians put forward as an argument in defense of their homophobic sentiments.

      My intention was just to get Indians in touch with their past.

      By the sculptures and the erotic texts it is clear that homosexuality has been there in the nature from a very long time and that it is not something unnatural or a modern trend.It is as natural as heterosexuality though rare.

      Section 377 IPC dates back to the time of the British ers who in order to prevent homosexual relationships made “carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal” punishable(as it is a sin in Christianity).

      By this statement even a heterosexual person involved in oral or anal sex with a person of opposite gender is a criminal….The law is totally absurd.
      Miss Rita Banergi has written a very nice article on this.

      Moreover you cannot snatch anybody’s right to love and make love.It is a basic human right violation.

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