This over hyped Kejriwal phenomenon

A month ago,India witnessed  an Aam Aadmi having almost negligible political experience  becoming the CM of Delhi.For majority of Indians, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal was a phenomenon.He seemed to be a visionary with focus on eradicating corruption and bringing ‘people’s rule’ in the city.The performance of AAP in Delhi elections was a pleasant surprise for many.It emerged as a strong alternative to BJP and Congress who were fed up of the ‘lal batti’ culture in Delhi.Kejriwal was like a breath of fresh air.

People had lot of expectations from AAP’s government. But I have an opinion that  this person is a little naive  in political matters. He tried to please people by declaring his subsidized water bill policy.By providing Delhi people 20 Kilo litres of free water for a month will not solve the actual problem of unavailability of water in Delhi.His focus should rather have been on providing water 24×7 to people and also to lakhs of households who do not have any piped connection to water supply.But that would be a challenging task as it would require planning.So he found an easy way out to gain popularity by doing some changes in the rates of Delhi Jal Board.Moreover,for every litre of free water the money will have to be extracted from the government treasure.So his free water policy might be good for middle class families but this does not seem to be very effective in the long run.

Of course,not being very experienced in politics he is bound to do mistakes. But what happened in Delhi few days ago is simply deplorable when he went  on protest demanding state government’s control over Delhi Police and suspension of  Delhi Cops  who refused to comply with Law Minister Somnath Bharti’s order to conduct raid on the African residents on Khirkee extension.Delhi cops didnot co-operate with Bharti because they didnot have any warrant or concrete proof against them.That was actually very sensible and in accordance with the law.But that did not stop Bharti from barging in the area along with the mob , forcefully raiding four African women,beating them up and forcing them to give urine samples in public. When those women clearing the dope test ,no word of apology came from him. And Kejriwal’s decision of defending Bharti  make him appear  as a racist and a person of little political intelligence.Not taking any action against Somnath Bharti, the party is  proving itself to be no different from BJP and Congress which defend the corrupt people of their won parties.

The most amusing moment was when AK called off the protest calling it as ‘half victory’,when  Lt. Guv sent those two cops on paid leave for three days(finally somebody rewarded them for following the law 😉 ).

One more thing which I find very stubbornly foolish about AK is his firm faith in God.So firm that he does not need any security (lol…God could not save Pope John Paul II from assassination attack).I respect his Aam Aadmi ideology but he is a CM,an important person too.The state will in huge loss if something happens to him.He should try to think with a little maturity and responsibility rather than stubbornly sticking to his over-idealistic approach.

AK has definitely created a buzz in Indian Politics but he is yet to build a strong foundation in  politics.Experiment with a new party can be conducted on state level but the same cannot be done at the central level.


3 responses to “This over hyped Kejriwal phenomenon

  1. i) The last line is very very true n I completely believe in it. You cannot experiment with your pet theories on national level. Belief in God, gurus, amma or appa should not come in the way of shrewd decision-making which is the primary quality of a good administrator. The problem with most revolutionaries is they catch our imagination when they are fighting the establishment, but give them the seat n you feel betrayed within some time. To lead a country of one billion diverse opinions and expectations, you need a very astute and cool head.
    Preferably a dry rationalist than a dreamer 🙂

    ii) Also, plz tell m why i get a notification only when u reply to my blogs but not when u post a blog or reply on my comments on ur blog….

    • Thank you Srikant for the most awaited comment.You are absolutely right…you need a rationalist approach to deal in a political cannot just experiment with your beliefs…Although we need a visionary ,we also need a person with sensible mind… I supported Kejriwal as he seemed to be a sigh of relief from the dirty and cheap politics…but he is yet to acquire much political wisdom…and in many things his party seems to be no different from other parties especially when it comes to punish the law breakers within their circle.I have seen so many people blindly praising him.Although I admired his anti-corruption initiatives,I was always neutral towards him..

      Regarding your last point,I myself not very sure about it..

  2. After all the show of AK and AAP, i’m still left firmly believing in the ideology of an alternate party. A party with political activists, journalists, social workers, Corporates etc. On paper it sounds like a dream team, but as with all the dream teams, it hardly performs on the ground.

    I def agree with you that what happened with those African women was horrendous. And why AK didnt immediately suspend Bharti is beyond me.

    I’ve never been to delhi to see for myself, the ground work of AAP. But as per their facebook page updates, the idea of Swaraj, that is, MlA’s holding meetings with the people in his or her constituency, to openly let them know how much fund is allocated and consult with them on where it should be spent seems like a much needed democratic exercise.
    Can any delhi-ites confirm this? Is this happening for real?
    AAP is a much needed phenomenon in this country, would be sad to see it fade into history due to a eccentric chief. I hope he learns from his blunders or steps down from the post of the chief to let the party get what it deserves.

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