Being atheist:My life without God

I am not sure how would my religious followers would take it,but I have been longing to share this piece of thought on my blog

Becoming an atheist has been a transformative experience for me.It was like I have been sleeping throughout my life and it came as an eye-opener.

Having been raised in a deeply religious Hindu family,I was indoctrinated(unconsciously) to believe in God.I accepted the existence of God in my psyche.Though  never religious,I never questioned the existence of God.I was least interested in this question.But I always questioned religious bigotry.I always took a stand against superstitious beliefs for which I always got rebuked by my semi-orthodox brahmin family.Basically I was never exposed to a rational way of thinking at my home.

It was when I moved out my family,I started questioning my own beliefs.It was actually my inclination towards feminist ideologies that pushed me hard to question religion.I came in touch with an online group of rationalists.Their talks really made sense to me.Gradually I started realizing the lies behind the religious doctrines and began to ponder upon the words of some atheist philosophers.

Since then it has been a liberating experience for me.My rational way of thinking has brought about a clarity in my thinking.I am free from the fear of some unknown force that controls my life.I don’t have to follow a rigid morality just out of fear  or  to please some unknown imperceptible higher power.I still want to be a good person but for the betterment of humankind.

I feel more carefree now.

Some people might think how can my life be so carefree without having a somebody invisible to take care of everything.Well that is the beauty of being emotionally an atheist.

Now I don’t have any God to blame upon if anything goes wrong.I don’t ask ,’why me’? I have accepted  the fact”This is life and shit happens”.Neither is my life special nor is anybody else’s.We all have some here by sheer chance when one particular sperm fertilized one particular egg. Doesn’t it give us a reason to feel gratitude for our life?

The most dreadful thing for a human is to face death.Religion offers some consolation(that may or may not be genuine) in this matter.A religious person finds some solace in the idea of life after death or re-incarnation.But for an atheist it must be the end of the dark tunnel.

Well not quite so.

I don’t believe in re-incarnation so  I have got only one life to live.So I will live it to the full without any compromise.

Now death is just a natural event  for me that will happen for sure.When ,where,how…I don’t know.But it is not important.The important thing is to live fully.Death is nothing more than an eternal sleep.There is no pain and suffering after death.So how can anybody be afraid of dying?But what  people are actually afraid of is losing life.Those who live life fully are actually not afraid of dying.

With so much liberty and clarity of thought how can atheism be dark as it is often labelled as.In fact,on the contrary it connects you  more with the real life rather than life based on some unproven(or unprovable) beliefs.

Who says atheism brings despair?


5 responses to “Being atheist:My life without God

  1. Its a liberating experience to hv u back on wordpress wid ur evrfresh biting observations back on track….ha..ha…thanx dear, as u said u hv only 1 lyf den dont let ur gift of expression go waste…
    Secondly, dont u think d idea of utopia or God is just a form of Idealism dat guides ppl towards wat is perfect.. That we reduce the idea to triviality is another issue altogether…
    Thirdly, long as we believe in d idea of atoning 4 past sins or believing in living better in nxt lyf our real character doesnt cm out….
    LOoking forward to more from u….

    • Hey Shrikant,

      It is good to have your comment on my post once again.Yes,i do think that the idea of God was developed to guide people(or rather fear people into) towards being good.May be in those times in the absence of a proper government this seemed to be the best way to keep people on track.

  2. That’s the way I feel about Feminism. Everything makes more sense, and it’s easier to be myself.
    The idea of rebirth I think is created to provide solace to those who have lost their loved ones. I read in The Garden of Evening Mists about Chinese POW being tortured in a Japanese concentration camp. They found solace in pretending they were in a beautiful garden and imagined how every detail would be – it kept them sane. Rebirth and life after death seem to serve the same purpose.

    • Hi IHM,

      It feels good to have your first comment on my blog.For me feminism was the first step towards atheism.It made me realize the falseness and manipulative nature of religion.
      I do feel the idea of rebirth was created to give solace for people who have lost their loved ones.I think it also served the purpose of creating a sense of eternity in human beings(which they usually crave for) as it is tough for most of us to accept death as a full stop.

  3. Congrats on freeing your mind off the wall and illusions. 🙂

    Grown in a semi-orthodox Brahmin family myself (that semi being mom) i can relate to this experience.
    Once the rotting web of religion if off the mind, you feel not only liberated but a sense of overwhelming perception – you start to look upon all the things you thought you knew in a new light.
    Now when you ponder about people wanting to be good and just only because theirs an invisible man up in the sky watching over us every minute of every day will start sounding rather phony and made up.
    What i dont understand is – if you are a Hindu and beieve in re-incarnation, it supposedly means, that humans are at the top of the pyramid of this re-incarnation – that when we sin, we re-incarnate as a lizard and then we are a good lizard (Whatever that means), we climb up the ladder of animal evolution to eventually be a human.
    So by their own logic, we have become human by going through all these differnt stages of evolution by being good or not sinning, so isnt that an incentive to do more good, now that we are human?

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