Namo’s Epic Win: A Victory of Democracy



So the most awaited moment for most of the Indians has come when their admired leader NaMo is going to take charge of this country. It was a historic win for BJP with 272+ seats. It has been ages since India witnessed a single party alone gaining absolute majority. In a country  that has numerous political parties  and where people mostly cast their vote on the basis of caste,religion and regional interest  seeing a party getting an overwhelming majority was nearly a miracle.

I was never an ardent supporter of NaMo but have always appreciated his contribution in upliftment of Gujrat. Seeing his work in Gujrat,I do feel hopeful about this country’s(and of course my) future. But what I am most happy about is this time the whole India got united in bringing their admired candidate into  power. This is the true power of democracy. If people are determined to bring a change, they will surely bring it.

More than the victory of BJP,I feel it is a victory of the people of India who threw the corrupt neo-dynastic rule of Gandhis out of power. Since 10 years we have been tolerating scams, unreasonable price hikes in this country while the people in power were busy increasing their balance in some foreign bank account .It should be a lesson for them never to take ‘Janta Janardhan’ for granted. Now left with the number seats not sufficient enough to form even an opposition , they should realize that the worth of an ‘Aam Aadmi’ on the expense of whose bread they built their ‘castles’. It is this common man whom they exploited and who consequently threw them out of power.

This should also be a lesson for the upcoming government that now Indians are not going to tolerate any injustice being metted out to them. If NaMo and BJP desire to stay in power after the next elections too, they will have to be flexible with their nationalist ideologies. In order to keep up his image nation wise NaMo will have to do away with his fascist ways. What was tolerated in Gujarat  at the time of 2002 riots ,may not be in rest of the India . So many young  Indians(that forms a major chunk of Indian population) look upto Modi for his Gujarat Model. They have high expectations from him in the field of education and job opportunities. If he wants to remain popular among youth, he and his party would have to mould their ways and adopt a more liberal and secular outlook.

Any government should always keep in mind that it is people who bring it into the power. And so can they throw it out of power  as democracy stands for ‘Government for the people ,of the people and by the people’.


2 responses to “Namo’s Epic Win: A Victory of Democracy

  1. The important fact to be noted here is people expect their leader at the top to be strong, steady and exude decisiveness; the very qualities which his opponents failed to exhibit. One had proved himself as too much of a remote control, and another as a noble intentioned but confused anarchist.

    Till the time BJP announced Namo as its candidate the party looked completely in doldrums with serious infighting and lack of direction. This again shows the importance of having a strong leader at the helm. The win is more of people’s hope on this man rather than on any ideology.

    Lets pray our expectations are vindicated

    • Couldn’t agree more Shrikant. Had BJP not declared NaMo as the PM candidate it wouldn’t have been able to gain a clear majority of 272+. NaMo was their ace card. NaMo is a charismatic leader who is capable of winning over people by his powerful oratory.Not to mention about his governance in Gujarat.

      On the other hand Congress was trying to indirectly project RaGa as the next PM under UPA govt. They wanted to project him as the face of young India,a liberal and democratic power. This is what actually worked against them.Not only raga lacked confidence but also made some really ridiculous political statements in his speeches.Since last two years he has made it clearly evident by his statements that he doesn’t have an acumen for politics. And it became very clear in his interview with Arnab that he totally lacked interest in political issues. His dumb wittedness was confirmed.

      I feel AK was actually never in the race especially when AK resigned as a CM to contest LS elections saying that the whole nation needed.if he would have been a person of sense he could have fought elections keeping his office of CM intact,just like what Modi did. He went out to fight Modi against whom he lost.
      What he did is called a political suicide. He would have proven himself in Delhi for 5 years, a golden opportunity that he had got miraculously. Instead he lost touch with the ground and became over confident.His believability came under doubt when he also like other politicians started hurling insults at others .
      when he spoke in the defense of Khap Panchayat it became evident he too like other politicians wanted to preserve the vote bank of Haryana.

      Many a times I feel he did so many things just to remain in publicity.and now that his party acquired only 4 seats and delhi also out of his hands he has no platform left through which he can prove his capability for the next elections

      AK came and went like a sudden gust of wind.I doubt that AAP will be seen in 2019.

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