The Blue Lagoon : A movie review

I recently watched this movie ‘The Blue Lagoon’. It is a romantic adventure film. Set in the Victorian period ,the film tells the  story of two young children Richard and Emmeline  marooned on desert island in South Pacific .The story revolves around how both of them ,uneducated on human sexuality and uninhibited by the society, discover  the phenomenon of sex and procreation naturally.

Richard and Emmeline got separated from their family in a shipwreck and landed up on an uninhabited island. Disconnected from human civilization, they grew up together  building a life of their own. Entering into their teenage , the bond between them grew more than friendship. Their bodies start undergoing sexual changes which they cannot understand. They start developing feelings towards each other which they cannot comprehend. They are curious about the world around them and about themselves. But stuck in that island they cannot find any answers. Some incidents brings them closer and they fall in (sexual)love. They discover ways to express their affection physically. They start exploring each others’ body and discover sex. Soon after that Emmeline gets pregnant and she does not know why her belly was growing day by day. One day she goes in labor not knowing what is happening to her and delivers a baby. After that they become devoted parents to their kid. The lagoon becomes their world and they don’t want to leave it even when they get an opportunity to escape.

However, the story meets a tragic end when one fine day they get stuck in the water while travelling to another island. Their son swallows a special type of poisonous ‘berry’ that puts one in ‘eternal sleep’. Seeing their ‘little world’ crashing down they both swallow the berries too. In the end they are discovered lying unconscious in the boat by Emmeline’s father.

On whole it was a sensitive  story about  two innocent minds who discover human sexuality naturally. The bond between Richard and Emmeline has been portrayed as although ‘sweet-and-sour’, nevertheless strong. They stood by each other through thick and thin. Kudos to the director who did not shy away even from showing  biological phenomenon like onset of  menstrual cycle and masturbation.

This movie is totally recommended for those who admire movies on sensitive subjects.


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