Hi! I am Swati Bhatt.

A Techie by education,

A Software engineer by profession,

a Reader by hobby ,

a Rationalist by thinking,

an Atheist by   (lack of) belief

a Feminist by ideology

I am  a newbie blogger.Though I am not a very good writer ,blogging provides  a great outlet to my thoughts which otherwise keep clattering in my mind.

But the most important thing that keeps me glued to   WordPress is my love for reading. I am amazed to come across so much talent and creativity in this community.I feel simply delighted to read others creations.

As I am a rationalist ,much of my posted stuff is not so romantic.If somebody loves dry reality,he/she can follow me.


5 responses to “About

  1. One of the pleasures of blogging is being able to find other people who have such strong and wonderful voices. I, too, am a techie (though now more on the managing than the producing end), a feminist, a reader and a rationalist. I am glad to have found your blog.

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